Spécialiste de la chasse à l'approche
Chasse à l'approche du chevreuil, brocard en France
Chasse à l'approche du cerf en France
Chasse à l'approche du mouflon Pyrénées et Aveyron en France
Chasse à l'approche de l'isard dans les Pyrénées France
ChasseChasse en battue Aude gers Ariège France
Chasse de la plambe en Palombière Gers
Chasse de la plambe en Palombière Gers
Chasse de la plambe en Palombière Gers
Chasse de la plambe en Palombière Gers
Chasse de l'Ibex en Espagne
Chasse en Montéria en Espagne
Chasse du whitetail ou cerf de Virginie en Finlande
Chasse Renne en Norvège
Chasse Renne en Norvège
Chasse de l'Oie, du Lagopède et du Renne en Islande
Chasse du brocard de Sybérie en Russie
Chasse du coq de bruyère et du Tétra Lyr Russie
Chasse du brocard noir, chevreuil mélanique en Allemagne
Chasse à l'approche du brocard en Pologne
Chasse en battue Pologne
Chasse au Maroc
Chasse en Namibie
Chasse en benin

Stalking hunt in France and Europe
Estancias de caza a rececho en Francia y Europa

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Fascinated by hunting for a long time, I organize and I guide hunting’s game in the south of France since several years. All the trip including Guest house.

Stalking roe deer in south France

45 minuts from Toulouse Airport

From the 1er june to September and the last ten days of february.

The roe buck stalking hunt takes place from the 1st of June up to the general opening in the middle of September.

We have about 100 000 hectares opened territories​ to stalk roe bucks ​. You will hunt with professional or local hunter​ about six hours by day in the morning and in the evening​. The other part of the day you can stay at the swimming pool of your guest house, or You can visit the beautiful region where you are accommodated.

Stalking red stag in Pyrénées

From the 15 september end of january

We practice red stag stalking during rutting season in the Pyrénées mountains. I will search for you a complete stag and the trophy could varie from 10 to 14 andlers. It's a really a unique experience and you will be amazed by the beauty of the French Pyrénées.


Stalking pyrénéan chamois

From 1er october to 28 february

I offer to you the occasion to hunt the Pyrenean chamois, whitch is emblem of Pyrenees mountains. I propose to you several open territories to practice stalking pyrénéan chamois on several departments as the Catalan Pyrenees or the High valley of the Aude. As if you hunt in the Pyrénéans montains, This hunting if for has all the hunters that they are mountain or not.

Stalking european sheep Hunt

This hunt take place from the 1st september to the end of january in the area of Millau.

I also orguenize and guide hunts in Spain and north oh Europe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 Contact: sejour.chasse@hotmail.fr